Needle felting a Wacky Owl

Needle felting a Wacky Owl

A wet felted wall hanging project in the works

A wet felted wall hanging project in the works

"Felting brings you into a state of focused attention, which is a state of meditation.  As you felt your piece of art, the outside world dissipates as do stresses and worries.  There is nothing like getting into the flow of creative expression..." - Annie Bananie


Needle felting and wet felting is easy,  fun, and a great way to connect with others.  Projects can reflect the skills of  the experienced crafter and the beginner alike.  It only requires minimal tools, and the results can be seen quickly.  

Working with the soft, natural wool has a healing effect and the act of creating something with your hands is satisfying and inspiring. 

Needle Felting

Needle felting is the process of taking a special barbed needle to sculpt the wool into dolls, animals, flowers, and wherever the imagination will take you.  

The needle's barbs pull on the wool fibres, which binds them together. The more you poke into the fibres with the needle the more solid your work becomes.  It's enjoyed by children and adults alike.  For children the process of the loose fibres binding together seem like magic.  For adults the simple, easy technique brings fast results, that even the uncreative feel accomplished and successful. 

wet felting

Wet felting is the process of using hot water, soap and friction to create wall hangings, play mats, bowls, slippers, hats and even clothing.  It requires time, space and the results are stunning.  


Felting is an ancient art going back over 3,000 years. The technique of using sheep's wool to sculpt into  shapes and form is used by many cultures. In Mongolia wool is used to felt the walls and roofs of their homes, which are called yurts.  These nomads can easily roll up their felted yurts to move from place to place. The Uighur tribe from China make felted rugs and Indigenous Peruvian women wear beautiful felted hats.  The results are stunningly beautiful, and durable.

Are you interested in creating a felting project?  Come and join a workshop or create an event of your own. 

I have been fortunate to needle felt with Annie one-on-one, as well as to attend several small group sessions. My favourite workshop to date began with some gentle yoga and meditation, but the technique and creativity of needle felting is in itself meditative. Annie’s approach to teaching, her gentle guidance to listen and to be patient with ourselves infuses her gatherings with peace and inspiration.
— Suzanne Harding, Kingston Ontario