The Word on  Annie Bananie.



-Michelle Crawley working on a co-creation for a Carolyne Genest's baby shower

-Michelle Crawley working on a co-creation for a Carolyne Genest's baby shower

I’ve been attending and have hosted Annie’s felting workshops over the past 6 years ...and keep going back for more! My mantle is adorned with my many creations. Her workshops are always a wonderful way to connect with our inner creativity—no matter what artistic skills we have—and to connect and share with both new and old friends. Annie is kind, intuitive and very talented, with a special gift of bringing people together by wonderfully integrating art, yoga and meditation.
— -Michelle Crawley
I have been fortunate to needle felt with Annie one-on-one, as well as to attend several small group sessions. My favourite workshop to date began with some gentle yoga and meditation, but the technique and creativity of needle felting is in itself meditative. Annie’s approach to teaching, her gentle guidance to listen and to be patient with ourselves infuses her gatherings with peace and inspiration.
— -Suzanne Harding, Kingston Ontario
-Theresa Flaherty working on her wet felted tree wall hanging

-Theresa Flaherty working on her wet felted tree wall hanging

I learned about needle felting at my first workshop with Annie. It was great fun with a great group of ladies who gathered to learn as well. It wasn’t long before more workshops were attended - including a wet felting workshop. It is always a thrill to see what creation comes from one of these workshops. It’s been so much fun that I’ve continued making small projects on my own with supplies purchased from Annie. Everyone who has been at the workshops has been so excited to be there, supportive of one another and looks forward to seeing each other at another workshop. Highly recommend a felting workshop with Annie!!
— -Theresa Flaherty
-Michele Shubert,  Beyond Gluten Free

-Michele Shubert, Beyond Gluten Free

When Annie arrived with her contagious smile and piles of wool, we were all really excited for a luxurious crafting afternoon. Her ability to come up with new and random ideas on creating beautiful art is what makes learning from Annie just right for me. When I’m stuck in “I don’t know how” mode, she gives me the next step I need to break through my personal resistance. Having Annie host a felting party was a chance for me to learn that my creativity is unlimited and beautiful. Thanks Annie, what a fun day we had!
— -Michelle Schubert, Beyond Gluten Free

-Zoe Guzman-Poole

-Zoe Guzman-Poole

I had the privilege of taking a wet felting workshop with Annie. Spending the day out of the city making art seemed like the perfect solution for my busy schedule. Annie’s workshop is located in a magical inlet in the Gatineau Hills. Being there alone is inspiring; add some felt, laughter and tea and an amazing day awaits! Annie’s warmth and generosity of spirit put me right at ease as I discovered this new art form. I am definitely a novice although found the medium to be creatively liberating. I have my felted piece hung up on my wall. I receive compliments on it all the time. To each I respond with a smile “Thank you very much. I made it at a wet felting workshop I did. It was a lot of fun to make.

If you get a chance to do one of Annie’s workshops, do not hesitate. Give yourself the treat and create something beautiful with your hands. Annie is an excellent teacher and is extremely encouraging along the way.
— -Zoe guzman-Poole, Youth and Child Care Worker, Profesional face-painter
We had such a fun time when Annie hosted a felting party for my mom’s birthday. The event was so well organized, relaxed and light hearted. My mom had such a blast and it was a great way to come together and share with friends, be creative and bring something home. I have joined in on several more felting parties with friends.
— -Kaeli Van Regan, Author of Parenting Your Way.

I highly recommend Annie; she offers such great and unique experiences for all kinds of occasions! I had the pleasure of having Annie host a workshop for my baby shower. She had customized the experience to include a yoga session, a felting project that went with the theme of my nursery and even took some gorgeous maternity pictures for me. I had a group of dear friends join me for an afternoon that was relaxed, fun and memorable. Annie was so kind; she made sure everyone was having a great time and walked us through a great project. Most of us were felting for the first time but we were all able to complete our project together. I now have a special one of a kind mat with little figures that all of my friends had a part in creating for my daughter and me. It’s such a great memory and everyone is always so impressed when they see the mat and learn about how it’s made!
— Carolyne Genest - Early Childhood Educator
-Carolyne Genest's Baby Shower

-Carolyne Genest's Baby Shower

I love Annie Bananie’s workshops and love the creativity it inspires in this accountant’s mind ....
— - Sue Kollar
Annie came to my home for my daughter’s 12th birthday party. It was two hours of happy 12 year olds overjoyed with what they were making and completely at ease with Annie’s warm, open vibe. I can’t say enough about Annie - sooo talented and creative, amazing ability to connect with kids, very well prepared - I did nothing! She rucked up to my house well in advance to prepare the setup, Annie supplied everything the kids needed to create beautiful owls - lots of supplies and amazing choice of colours. All the kids were thrilled with what they made and it was so cool to see everyone’s unique and original vision! Thank you sooooo much Annie! Book her now!
— - Karie Ford
Annie came to our house and organized our daughter’s 9th birthday party. All the girls loved it. They each made their very own felted doll. Annie explained the steps along the way, while the girls had fun felting, chatting and joking around. They all went home with their doll and a beautiful bag with extra felt and a felting needle. It was an amazing day and the dolls are decorating our girls’ rooms to this day!

Thank you Annie!
— Nanda Jensen
- Annie Bananie and Xue felitng dolls for her birthday

- Annie Bananie and Xue felitng dolls for her birthday